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Grab and Go Meals now at Full Strength…

CrossFit Full Strength and Zone Diet Solutions have partnered up…

We are now offering Grab and Go meals right at the gym.  Meals are located in the fridge in the Full Strength Family Room.


How does this work???

1.  Make sure you have a credit card on file

2.  Write up what you take

3.  Enjoy the amazing food




Options come as either ZONE or PALEO:

Individual MealsCombo OptionsAuto Pay Options (Set Up with Chef)
Protein Pack $5Breakfast and Lunch $15Breakfast $6
Breakfast $7Lunch and Dinner $16Lunch or Dinner $7
Lunch $840/30/30 All 3 $23Breakfast and Lunch $13
Dinner $8Lunch and Dinner $14
40/30/30 All 3 $20


Sample Lunch Menu:

 Pulled Pork

Hand trimmed pork, seasoned, and slow cooked.
Smothered with a sweet and tangy homemade barbecue sauce.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Chunks of tender chicken tossed in a blend of Cajun Spices,
Cooked with mixed vegetables and a spicy Cajun Sauce.

Barbecue Meatballs
Fresh, lean ground turkey perfectly seasoned.
Smothered with a sweet and tangy homemade barbecue sauce.

Chicken Parmesan
Boneless chicken breast pan seared with a special spice blend.
Smothered with our fresh homemade marinara.

Southwestern Beef Stew
Chunks of delicious tender beef with a blend of southwestern spices,
Slowly simmered for hours with a blend of vegetables.


Paleo Mongolian Beef

I’m passionate about cooking as much as I am about CrossFit.  The PALEO KITCHEN is seriously the best cookbook out there!
I made this last night for dinner and it was AMAZING!  I actually skipped the cauliflower rice and and made a Shrimp “Fried Rice” with Quinoa.  Not 100% Paleo, but if that’s my biggest cheat then I’m doing ok.  Plus it is so easy!!!  Took me no time to throw together after a long day.  Try it out…

Mongolian Beef over Cauliflower Rice

Yield: Serves 3-4

Nutrition Facts based on: 1 of 4 servings

Mongolian Beef over Cauliflower Rice


    Mongolian Beef


      1. First, make the cauliflower rice: Cut the cauliflower into small florets and place in the bowl of your food processor. Pulse a few quick times (about 10 to 15) until it resembles the texture of rice
      2. Add the coconut oil to a large skillet set over medium heat and cook the onion, garlic, sesame seeds, salt and pepper until fragrant, about 5 minutes.
      3. Add riced cauliflower, rice vinegar and sesame oil and continue cooking for an additional 5-8 minutes, until cauliflower is cooked but remains a tad crunchy.
      4. Kill the heat and set aside.
      5. While the rice cooks, make the Mongolian beef: Heat the coconut oil in a large pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for 2 minutes.
      6. Meanwhile, add the coconut aminos, honey, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt and pepper to a glass measuring cup and mix with a flat whisk until well combined.
      7. Pour that mixture in the pan with the onions and let it come to a boil. Add the arrowroot powder to the pan while continuously whisking until the mixture is thickened, about 2 minutes.
      8. Place the steak slices in the pan with the sauce, distributing them throughout the pan so as not to overcrowd them. Simmer the meat in the sauce for 4-5 minutes, or until no red meat is apparent.
      9. Once the meat has cooked through, place over cauliflower rice and top with chopped green onion.


      *The Mongolian Beef Recipe can be found in The Paleo Kitchen

      Craving some Ice Cream….

      With all of the excitement of RUSH CLUB I am late with posting my Friday Nutrition Post…so I’ll pretend it’s yesterday!




      With Rush Club coming up I’ve been craving some sweets…not sure those two go together, but I want ice cream.  So here is my fool proof Vanilla Paleo Ice Cream…


      In a pan on low heat combine:

      1 can of FULL FAT Coconut milk.  (Spouts organic full fat is the best from everything I have tried)

      1 Vanilla Bean (Inside)

      1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract

      about 1/4 cup of raw honey

      pinch of salt


      You do not need to boil this.  Just leave it on the heat long enough to combine the ingredients.  Keep mixing it.

      Once combined pull it off the heat and stick it is the fridge.  I have a large plastic cup that i transfer it to to cool off.  I would not recommend putting the hot pot in your fridge.

      Once cooled down…put it in your ice cream maker and watch the magic happen.vanilla_icecream



      Battling it out

      The battle of inflammation is real.

      We all chose the path of soreness from our first step into Full Strength. CrossFit keeps us on our toes with its variety and demands to continually improve in our sport. The drawback is that it seems to always leave some body part all tuckered out.
      Inflammation from our workouts isn’t all bad.  It does push are body towards repair, recovery, rebuilding, and healing.  Inflammation from our environment that we can’t escape can invade our body and can lead to the not so good stuff such as chronic disease, heart problems, cancer, weakening of our immune system among other things. It’s important that we nourish out bodies with antioxidants to help fight off this inflammation and keep our bodies ready for anything!

      Green Tea

      The surely isn’t a shortage of studies being done on green tea, Some studies even show substantial benefits to chronic disease. When it comes to green tea the bottom line is it’s a healthy additional to anyone’s day! The recommendation is 6 cups per day, hefty I know. Switch it up and make the effort to sip on it throughout the day it’s worth it.

      Ginger Root

      Not only does ginger help battle off inflammation in the same way green tea does but studies show that if you take more than 2 grams per day through supplementation it can reduce muscle soreness up to 25%!!!

      Here is a list of Antioxidants that can help us fight free radicals and recover from our workouts

      Fish oil
      Lean meat
      Red peppers

      Citrus fruits
      Sesame seeds
      Whole grains
      Red meat

      As you can see there isn’t a shortage of antioxidants to keep our bodies happy. Fuel your body with the right stuff and your will be on the top of your game and on the road to a long and healthy life!

      Trick or Treat!

      Full Strength Friday…F*** YEAH!

      Paleo Halloween Candy



      1. Instead of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…

      Reeses Cups

      Try Peanut-Free Peanut Butter Cups by Healing and Eating

      2. Instead of Oreos…

      Paleo oreo cream pies

      Try Oreo Cream Pies by Hold the Grain

      3. Instead of Candy Corn…

      Paleo Halloween Candy

      Try Paleo Halloween Candy by Worth Every Chew

      4. Instead of Cadbury Eggs…

      Paleo Cadbury Creme Eggs

      Try Copycat Cadbury Creme Eggs by Hold the Grain

      5. Instead of a Twix Bar…

      twix pie

      Try Twix Pie by My Purple Spoon

      6. Instead of Gummy Bears…

      Gelatin Gummy Snacks

      Try Gummy Snacks by Primal Palate

      7. Instead of an Almond Joy…

      Macadamia Nut Coconut Butter Cups

      Try Macadamia Nut Coconut Butter Cups by Worth Every Chew

      8. Instead of Rolos….

      Paleo dulce de leche cups

      Try Dulce de Leche Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups by The Foodie Teen

      9. Instead of Junior Mints…

      Peppermint NEW

      Try Peppermint Patties by Worth Every Chew

      10. Instead of a Snickers…

      Hazelnut Caramel clustersTry Hazelnut Caramel Clusters by The Healthy Family and Home


      Spooktacular Halloween

      Hey Guys and Gals…

      It’s Monday so I’m bringing you more on your favorite topic…NUTRITION.

      Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and with it right around the corner I thought it would be fun to do something a tad different! Following along the lines of the pumpkin craze lets chat SEEDS!
      Why seeds?  Well I figured any blog along the lines of listing ways to avoid treats or instructing you to bust out 50 squats every time you eat a piece of candy would not be appreciated or just plainly ignored. Instead I’m going to share with you all the wonderful benefits of pumpkin seeds.

      Some of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds:

      • They’re rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids which helps lower bad LDL cholesterol and increase good cholesterol (HDL).
      • Although high in calories they are a great source of protein.
      • They can help you sleep AND de-stress. Pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin which helps aid sleep. They also contain glutamate which is needed by the brain to synthesize GABA, an anti-stress neurochemical.
      • Pumpkin seeds are a great source of Vitamin E, a host of B-complex vitamins, and folates (also helping lower cholesterol and aid GABA activity in the brain).
      • Pumpkin seeds also contain copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. These seeds are so rich in manganese that 100g contain 198% of daily recommended intake.
      Now you have an excuse to dress up, act like a kid, and get your pumpkin carving on!

      How ya make these delicious gems….

      Prepping the pumpkin seeds:

      • Separate the seeds from the stringy pumpkin insides.
      • Put seeds in a bowl or colander and rinse under a faucet to remove any remaining pumpkin.
      • Lay seeds out on paper towels to dry.

      Baking the pumpkin seeds:

      • Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
      • Toss seeds in a bowl with 2tsp of melted butter per 1 1/2 cups of raw pumpkin seeds and add a pinch salt. Stir it up and spread on a baking sheet.
      • OR spread the seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet and spray with butter-flavored cooking spray and then add salt. (You can also spice it up with other seasonings like garlic, cayenne, or cinnamon.)
      • Bake for about 45 minutes or until golden brown; stir every 10 minutes during baking.

      Have a fun and safe Halloween!

      Season of Pumpkin…

      It’s Full Strength Friday…F*** yeah!  It’s time to get our pumpkin on with a “Paleo” Pumpkin Pie Martini.

      Seems like everywhere you go for food or drinks it has pumpkin pie flavoring in it.  That flavoring is definitely not Paleo. HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP is the main ingredient that makes it the #1 flavor of the season.  We still need something to honor Fall and Winter.  So here we go….

      Pumpkin Pie Martini

      Preparation time: 5 minutes

      Serves: 4

      6 ounces vodka

      2 cups coconut milk

      ⅓ cup canned pumpkin, unsweetened

      ⅓ cup honey

      ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

      1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (sold in the seasonings area.  look at ingredients.  should be all natural)

      1 cup ice cubes


      1. Add the vodka, coconut milk, pumpkin, honey, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and ice cubes to a blender. Blend on high until smooth.

      WE LOVE MEAT!!!!

      Keep calm and Love Protein


      It’s Monday so I’m bringing you some more info on our favorite topic other than CrossFit…NUTRITION.

      Any athlete no matter their sport would agree that protein is crucial for muscle growth. It actually may just be a little more important than your realize.
      Why is protein such a wonder macronutrient?

      Lets break it down from the beginning. Protein in a MACROnutrient…meaning that our body needs large amounts of it daily. It is imperative not only to athletes for strength and mass building, but for every human with a desire for their body to function. Protein is essential to our immune system, ph balance, structure, movement, and transfer of nutrients in our body.


      I’m going to lay out some boring stuff, but I need to give you some background on this…

      Immune Function

      When your body is exposed to the bad stuff such as bacteria or a virus your immune system sends out proteins called antibodies. These antibodies attack the bad stuff in an attempt to kill the suckers and stop the virus from kicking you down.

      pH Balance

      It’s not often that we think well I hope my pH says on track today, luckily protein blast that worry out of our brains. Protein helps to keep our pH balance in check.  When the food we eat and the air we breathe is not ideal for our bodies, protein steps in as a buffer. When our bodies are not at a neutral pH it can lead to a lot of unwanted health problems and chronic disease.

      Structure and Movement

      There is protein in every single cell in your body – from your hair to your nails to your muscles and organs. These proteins are known as structural proteins:  they literally provide the structure for your body. Without them you could not CrossFit, run, or even stand.


      Proteins transport nutrients in our body. They keep our electrolytes in check by carrying sodium and potassium into and out of cells. Proteins carry vitamins from our organs to our cells.  Hemoglobin is a specific protein in your red blood cells that carry’s oxygen from your lungs to your cells.

      Now that I have protein ingrained in your brains, let’s chat about how much.

      The MINIMUM amount of protein for athletes should be at least .55 grams/pound/day. Depending on your sport or training, the daily requirement can go as high as .9 to 1 grams/pound.

      If you’re an avid athlete/crossfitter, with goals of muscle gain, increased performance, and fat loss I would shoot for .8-1 grams/pound per day. (Personally I take my clients body weight or goal weight and set that as there protein intake)

      Let’s talk timing. Is there a right and wrong time to eat protein?

      Best rule of thumb is to just get it in.  EASY ENOUGH.
      Many recent research studies now say to forget what has been drilled into your brain about pounding protein post workout. Your anabolic window may last up to 6 hours after a workout or it may not exist at all. Just try and distribute your protein throughout your day. That way your body can more effectively absorb what you’re putting in.
      For those of you who haven’t been in the game so long, here is a breakdown of what type of protein to consider when you’re fueling your body.
      I recommend trying to get your protein through nutritional food sources first and then if you’re having a hard time fitting in the rest you can look to high quality protein powder and other such supplements.


      Seafood is an excellent source of protein because it’s usually low in fat. Fish such as salmon is a little higher in fat, but it is the heart-healthy kind: it has omega-3 fatty acids.

      White-Meat Poultry

      Stick to the white meat of poultry for excellent, lean protein. Dark meat is a little higher in fat. The skin is loaded with saturated fat, so remove skin before cooking.

      Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt

      Not only are dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt excellent sources of protein, but they also contain valuable calcium, and many are fortified with vitamin D. Choose skim or low-fat dairy to keep bones and teeth strong and help prevent osteoporosis.


      Eggs are one of the least expensive forms of protein. Stick with one egg and a few whites and you got high protein without the added sodium and cholesterol.


      One-half cup of beans contains as much protein as an ounce of broiled steak. Plus, these nutritious nuggets are loaded with fiber to keep you feeling full for hours.

      Pork Tenderloin

      This great and versatile white meat is 31% leaner than it was 20 years ago.


      Occasionally subbing soy protein instead of sources of higher-fat protein

      Lean Beef

      Lean beef has only one more gram of saturated fat than a skinless chicken breast. Lean beef is also an excellent source of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12.


      Don’t forget if you have questions just find me at the gym!

      Now go get your protein on!



       Hello CrossFitters!  I am happy to say…

      It’s Full Strength Friday…F*$% yeah!!!!

      I’m just going to get to the point each Friday since I know you are eager to get done with work and start enjoying your weekend.

      Obviously the theme on Fridays is going to be cheating the system.   The system I’m talking about it PALEO!  I want to reiterate that drinking is not Paleo…but aren’t we all Paleo 80% of the time?  Anyone that knows me knows I like Margaritas…ok I love Margaritas.  The best part about a NorCal Margarita is that it has less filler and more of the good stuff.  Check it out…




      Carbs Equal GREATNESS 

      Hey CrossFitters.  Cassie here and ready to share!

      As a femaleCrossFitter with a passion for fitness and nutrition I have seen, observed, and tested just about every low carb, clean eating, carb cycling, trending diet there is out there. And there are two obvious things I have learned from my experiences:

      1.  carbohydrates are your friend and absolutely necessary for athletic performance
      2.  many athletes view carbohydrates as the nutritional monster of all things evil.

      On my last blog post I definitely pushed carbs and how important they are so at this point I’m sure your thoughts are somewhere around “yep got it carbs good!”  But stay with me for a minute and let’s really knock out the why…

      Without consuming carbs before and after your workout your performance is going to suffer, putting on muscle will seem impossible, and you will probably feel very fatigued. Be real with yourself if your training volume is high…you need to eat a significant amount of carbs pre and post workout.  You will also need to Carb throughout the day.

      Let’s also take a second to look at the technical components. From Olympic lifting, gymnastics, to a 200 meter sprint I think it is safe to say there is a great amount of technique required to effectively attack a WOD.  Well then it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say carbs greatly affect our technique. Carbs aren’t only necessary for our muscles they are also necessary for our nerves. After all our nerves are the control panel to our bodies.  They not only tell our muscles when to move, but nerves also control our breathing, stability, digestion and all other functions of our body. Bottom line they’re pretty damn important!!!  Unlike muscles, our nerves don’t store carbs, so they need a constant supply. If we’re not supplying our bodies with the appropriate amount of carbs our muscles start to tap into our nerve’s supply and in return our technique is affected. Ever feel light headed, fatigued, weak, or just plain off?  Listen to your body’s cues since they’re probably trying to tell you something.

       Now that we have hit some important why topics lets glance into the HOW…

      This is where it can get a bit tricky since there is not one magical formula for everyone. Every individual person is completely different and comprised of their very own set of hormones. It really comes down to trial and error and figuring out how to fuel your body to meet your goals. The best way to figure this out is by journaling, take pictures, measure and start logging what you eat and how your workouts feel. Accurate tracking and listening to body cues will help you to understand what you need to perform.

      As far as carbs go I suggest a pre workout meal consisting of 40% of the total amount of carbs for their day, post workout meal about 30% and the other 30% is distributed throughout the day. Depending on your timing of meals some types of carbs are more beneficial than others. If you find yourself in a hurry and you have to hit your workout in a hour or less grab some simple carbs. Fruit and coconut water will digest quickly and you can effectively use those carbs for fuel and kick some butt in your workout.

      Keep in mind it’s important for you to allow your body to adapt. You can’t just throw a ton of carbs into the diet and poof magic will happen. You need to slowly increase or decrease your amount, 10 g at a time every 1-2 weeks.  Be patient it takes time.  Enjoy the journey.

      Remember if you have questions just ask me.  See you at the box.