Top 3 reasons you should join the Full Strength Community…

1. Experience

  • CrossFit Full Strength is one of the oldest gyms in the valley. Coaches at Full Strength continue to seek higher education in health and wellness. We set our standards for our coaches higher…combined we have over 30 certifications to help you reach your goals in gymnastics, Olympic lifting, nutrition, mobility, and more.

  • Whether you are a weekend warrior or strive to become an elite athlete, we have coaches that have competed for multiple consecutive years at the Olympics (Beijing and London), CrossFit Regionals, Olympic Lifting meets, and local competitions.

2. Programming

  • We do our programming in house. This means that we structure our goals around you. Our programming is designed for structural balance, for longevity in CrossFit, and to help you feel better in your everyday life.

  • We offer a variety of class times as well as Olympic Lifting classes which are open to ALL LEVELS.

3. Community

  • We strive to have frequent social events because we will become your home away from home. We will be your friends, your coaches, and ultimately your support system to help you reach your goals.

  • We understand that people come into the gym at different levels, from never stepping foot into a gym to competitive athletes. We are here to support all fitness levels coming into Full Strength to meet your goals.

  • This is your workout. While CrossFit can be intimidating, our goal is to break it down in such a way that you will keep coming back for more.